Protecting my Company

Every astute business owner never just looks at the positive. An important question they often consider is “What are the potential liabilities that might have a severe impact on my Company?” Here are a few to get you thinking:


​1. Property Damage

* Fire

* Flooding

* Theft / Robbery


2. Public Liability

* Your product is defective, causing harm to clients

* You face a lawsuit by a client because your product caused harm


3. Management Mistakes​


4. Consequential Loss of Revenue due to

* Director / Shareholder’s sudden pull out e.g. major disagreement, serious illness, death

* Death of an important management personnel or their inability to work due to serious illness or disability

If you want solutions to these problems, plan with Elpis Financial today.

Attracting Employees

It doesn’t take much to be generous if you plan right with Elpis Financial. “Employee Perks” is often a hot topic in group conversations – people start comparing, and feel good when they have good benefits from their company.


​1. Well-being Benefits

* Death/Total Permanent Disability/Critical Illness cover

* Personal accident cover

* Health benefits – check ups, dental care, doctor’s visits

* Travel safety


2. Caring for their Family

* Extending well-being benefits to your employees’ dependents is an inexpensive yet powerful gesture to show you care

* Be a company who cares for its employees by caring for their loved ones

Retaining Employees

Salary is no longer a sole consideration attracting and retaining employees. Reward your invaluable employees, manage how you want to retain them and save on hiring costs. Discuss employee retention with Elpis today.


​1. Loyalty Bonus

* Payouts every e.g. 5 years to employees who remain with your company

* Co-share in a retirement plan with an employee

2. Golden Handshake Package

* Put the “good” in “goodbye” when you’re able to provide a generous bonus

* Manage your employee demographics and business costs